Hi there! Thanks for coming to my little corner of the internet. If you hadn't already guessed my name is Sarah Ratner and I'm a portrait and event photographer based in New York City. (I'm also a brand marketer that specializes in social media but that's probably not why you're here). 

Some fun facts about me: I studied abroad in college for two semesters, first in London and then in a city called Hirakata (near Osaka) in Japan. I once had a pet hedgehog named Princess Leia (my brother named her), and I obsessively drink ginger tea every night before bed. 

Some other facts about me: I've been running my photography business since 2012, and I work primarily in New York but would be more than happy to travel.

That pretty much sums it up! Now here's the part where you tell me about you. 

Shoot me an email at info@sarahratner.com if you're interested in booking a photo session or if you're just curious about which brand of ginger tea I prefer. 

Oh and I almost forgot! I have some prints of my travel photography up on society6 and etsy if you're looking to add to your gallery wall. 

Thanks for stopping by!

- Sarah


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